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A new website will serve as an information portal about the upcoming Hamilton County 2023 Bicentennial, according to the Hamilton County Bicentennial Commission.

Appointed by the Hamilton County Board of Commissioners, the 11-member Bicentennial Commission oversees the planning, documentation, and execution of the county’s 200th anniversary. Kathy Richardson Williams and Kent Ward serve as co-chairs, while the remaining nine members represent each of the nine townships.

The website,, will help the public:

  • Get information about bicentennial events from now through 2023

  • Discover how to apply to host events or program

  • Learn about Hamilton County history

  • Learn how to share their own stories and photographs

The website will also include information on how to sign up to volunteer to help the Bicentennial organization plan events in 2023 and how to submit materials to possibly be included in the book.

Along with the website, the Hamilton County Bicentennial has a Facebook Page (Hamilton County Bicentennial), an Instagram account (HamCoTurns200), and a Twitter account (@hamcoturns200).

While the information on the website is comprehensive, if the public has inquiries regarding the website, possible sponsorship opportunities, or the upcoming book, the Hamilton County Bicentennial can be reached either by email at or by phone at (317)-574-3150.



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