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Celebrating Hamilton County, Indiana: 200 Years of Change On the occasion of Hamilton County’s 200th anniversary comes an updated history of one of the fastest-growing counties in the United States. Celebrating Hamilton County, Indiana: 200 Years of Change builds on past histories of the county while introducing new stories, people, photography, and art to modern readers.  Buy your copy at Nickel Plate Arts, All Things Carmel, Conner Prairie or from the Hamilton County Historical Society (Saturdays, 12-5 p.m.). (Please contact the individual retailer to confirm operating hours.)             Hardcover Book   $42.50 

Explore neglected corners of Hamilton County history

Hamilton County's past harbors sundry strange tales, many of them lost to time--until now. In 1867, a groom disappeared just before his wedding, presumably running away on cold feet. Four decades later his remains were discovered buried under a shed in a mystery that remains unsolved. In the 1870s, the Sheriff marshaled a seven-man posse, including two local African Americans, to deal with "desperados'? in an isolated corner of the county. Their heroic efforts swiftly liberated the local populous from the yoke of banditry. A giant wave of ravenous squirrels descended on Central Indiana in 1882 to feast on crops, to the shock and dismay of new settlers.                                                                                                          Paperback  $22.00

Join county historian David Heighway for a tour of all things odd and forgotten.

Since 1824, Noblesville has served as the county seat for Hamilton County, Indiana. Located on the White River just north of Indianapolis, Noblesville grew from rural beginnings, changing as businesses and industry moved into the area, which was encouraged by the discovery of natural gas. This book documents the history, community life, and growth of Noblesville using stories and photographs collected from local residents, historians, church archives, the Hamilton County Historical Society, and the Hamilton East Public Library. These photographs bring the daily life of this Midwest community vividly into view.                                                             Paperback  $22.00 

Noblesville's transformation from small town to one of Indiana's largest cities is a fascinating story. From the earliest settlers struggling for survival on Horseshoe Prairie in 1819 through the heady times of the 1880s Gas Boom era to today, the city thrived with uncommon personalities and landmark events. Discover the stories of former slave Reverend Barney Stone, daredevil Earl "Lucky" Teter and renowned fashion designer Norman Norell. Delve into the account of the Great Flood of 1913 and the origin of the nation's first independent telephone company. Join authors Paula Dunn and Nancy A. Massey on a journey through Noblesville's unique history.

Paperback  $22.00


Local Historian Joe H Burgess 

Included are Civil war stories from Hamilton County families.  Stories from the drummers to front line battles and the Hamilton County soldiers who were a part of this history.  

Hardback book $15.00 

Floyd Hopper Print   $35.00 


Wooden Display   $15.00                                                         Blue Sun Catcher $15.00                                 Maroon Sun Catcher $15.00

Note Cards  Packs  for    $5.00 

By Local Artist - Sarah Kenley 

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  8 x 11  Prints    $10.00    by Local Artists 

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