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Christmas at the Museum 

The Santa House on the Square is managed by the

Hamilton County Historical Society. 

Kate Murray is full of Christmas Spirit all year long and works throughout the year on the Santa House and making it magical.  If needed, you can  contact her at: 

Santa Hours for 2023

Sunday November 26th       2 to 6 PM

Friday December 1st     5 to 9 PM

Saturday December 2nd     2 to 5 PM

Sunday December 3rd     12 to 3 PM

Friday December 8th       5 to 8 PM

Saturday December 9th      12 to 5 PM

Sunday December 10th      12 PM to 3 PM 

Thursday December 14th     5 to 8 PM 

Friday December 15th     5 to 8 PM

Saturday December 16th     12 to 5 PM 

Sunday December 17th     12 to 5 PM 

Thursday December 21st     5 to 8 PM 

Friday December 22nd     5 to 8 PM 

Saturday December 23rd     12 to 5 PM 

Sunday December 24th     12 to 4 PM

Lights Over Seminary Park 2023 

Begins Friday December 1st at 6:00 PM

Continues through January


Santa House History 

Dottie Ziesss Young and Diane Zeiss Nevitt remember when their father Richard Zeiss built the first Santa House on the Courthouse Square

in the 1960's. It was a cute little house

that came apart for storage. 

In the late 1970's a second Santa house was built by Noblesville resident Don Roberts. 

The Hamilton County Historical Society and the staff from Hamilton County Building and Grounds; maintains and operates the Santa House each year. 

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