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Oral Histories 

Oral histories are a bread and butter resource for local historical societies like us.  Here's how they help us connect:

  • Capturing personal experiences: Local history isn't just about dates and big events. It's about the lives of everyday people. Oral histories capture the stories, experiences, and perspectives of those who lived through a particular time period in your local area. This can provide unique insights you wouldn't get from written documents.

  • Preserving the past: Many historical events aren't well documented, especially those that impact marginalized communities. Oral histories ensure these stories are preserved for future generations.

  • Filling in the gaps: Written records can be incomplete. Oral histories can fill in the gaps and provide context to existing documents.

  • Local stories come alive: Oral histories make history relatable and engaging. Hearing firsthand accounts from community members makes the past more real for everyone.


As we interview more families associated with the Hamilton County Historical Society and the Sheriff's Residence and Jail, we will add those stories here. 

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