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Past Events in 2024

Front Porch Music Festival 
June 7th, 2024 
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PXL_20240607_195305913.MP (1).jpg
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Emma Clouse a museum volunteer and docent performed on our front porch for this June 2024 event. She was wonderful ! 

A Day at the Barn 
June 9th, 2024

Sid Davis welcomed the Historical Society members and guests to visit his barn. 

Mr. Davis is an avid collector of Hamilton County items and we were honored that he shared them with us. 

IMG_20240614_135057 (2).jpg
PXL_20240609_190817663 (1).jpg

Mr. Davis shared some Forest Park pictures and an amusement ride.

He told us of the many items that he had gotten from the ground using his metal detector.  Some items date back to the Civil War.

Prints from local artist Rodney Reveal of the Blue Ribbon Dairy and the Rainbow Roller Rink.

PXL_20240609_191337993 (1).jpg

The crowd of over 30 people were glad to see his collection  and hear his stories. 

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