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The museum on the square...... in downtown Noblesville. 

Open  Fridays and Saturdays from Noon to 5PM

Groups of ten or more - call/email us for a tour if you like.

. In Indiana 
March  'IS' Basketball 

                                                                             “Basket Ball” in Noblesville
With the announcement of the Indiana Pacers G-League team moving from Fort Wayne to Noblesville, It’s worth looking back at the history of the sport of basketball in Noblesville. Of course, high school basketball has been well-studied in Indiana. However, there was a group known as the Independent League that provided exciting games beyond the high schools and before the professional teams were formed.
The first known game of basketball in Noblesville took place December 30, 1897. It was at Dr. P. A. Barlow’s gymnasium which was on the second floor of the Castor Block (modern Grindstone’s). it was part of a demonstration of physical culture. The teams were captained by Rueben H. Greble and a Mr. Griffin. Greble’s team won with a score of 12 to 5. There was a large crowd in attendance, large enough that it interfered with the demonstration. The Noblesville High School students organized their own teams in 1902. They staged games at an old roller-skating rink on 8 th street just north of the railroad depot. In 1904, an NHS girls’ team played Shortridge. The first official NHS team appeared in the yearbook in 1913. S. O. Levinson donated $10,000 in 1917 to build a new gymnasium, which the school did in 1923 (now “The Farm”). The Model Mill donated the money for uniforms in 1925 and the team became the “Millers”. After that, they progressed like hundreds of other schools in the state.                         
David Heighway - Hamilton County Historian



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Noblesville basketball by David Heighway 

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                 an architectural gem  in Sheridan.


Make a trip to the Indiana Historical Society in March

450 West Ohio Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202

Tickets are required to attend the exhibit. 


In March 2023, the Indiana Historical Society opened an exciting new exhibit featuring a Virtual Reality experience that allows visitors to meet Chuck Taylor. As an Indiana native, Chuck Taylor is more than a name on a pair of basketball shoes. He was an innovator, coach, player and helped solidify Indiana as the home of basketball in the United States.

Chuck Taylor All Star Exhibit

Indiana is the heart of basketball in the United States, and its history has no shortage of iconic moments or people who are famous for changing or contributing to the game, such as Oscar Robertson, John Wooden and Larry Bird.

Charles Hollis Taylor devoted his life to the game whose name nearly every basketball fan in the United States knows, with his fame extending beyond the bounds of basketball. Though few know much about him, the man is better known as “Chuck” Taylor — the man behind the name on that famous shoe — the Converse All Star.

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Genealogy Classes at  Hamilton East Public Library

Visit the Indiana Room at Hamilton East Public Library

Our exhibits are always changing. Check back for more events soon.


Fridays and Saturdays

12 pm - 5 pm



Hamilton County Historical Society Vice President - Kate Murray
showcasing our display in the Historic Hamilton County Courthouse .
arecently updated the artifacts in the display.
Kate has been with the Historical Society for over ten years now, she has served as
President, and currently serves as Vice-President


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