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Noblesville, Ind. — Grant applications are now available to support public programs in 2023 that celebrate Hamilton County’s upcoming Bicentennial. Grant applications from non-profit organizations are due August 1, 2022, and approximately 25-40 micro-grants of $500 or less will be awarded later this year and distributed in 2023.

Organizations that wish to create and develop commission-sanctioned program proposals may apply for a grant. These include exhibition development, public programs, interpretation, performances and more. All events must be open to the public, although a ticket fee may be charged to cover costs.

While only non-profits are eligible for grants, those funds may be passed through to support artists, historians, content creators, designers, etc. whose talents are needed to support the program. Businesses may also partner with these non-profits to make their program stronger. Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit grant ideas within the themes identified by the Bicentennial Commission: Education, Historic Preservation, Environment/Parks, Diversity/Inclusion, and Arts.

While there is no match requirement for these grants, applicants are encouraged to find additional resources through other grant programs, corporate sponsors, individual donors, etc. to complete your budgets. You can also partner with other cultural institutions that will be involved in the Bicentennial, including township representatives (a full list is on the website), historical societies and museums, libraries, and parks.

Sanctioned events also will be eligible for a free Bicentennial Celebration Kit in 2023 to assist with theming events and programs to the 200th anniversary of the county. The celebration kits will include items such as a banner, posters, a logo tablecloth, bookmarks, digital advertising materials, etc.

The Hamilton County Bicentennial Commission will help promote and coordinate all sanctioned events for the celebration through paid and organic social media and other advertising. The Hamilton County Bicentennial Commission will market and promote events throughout the year.

No events that endorse a political viewpoint, party or candidate, and no events that supports a cause other than creating awareness for a local non-profit organization and history may receive funding.

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