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Noblesville, Ind. — Duke Energy will serve as lead sponsor for Hamilton County’s upcoming 200th anniversary in 2023, the Hamilton County Bicentennial Commission announced.

Financial support from the local energy company will provide dozens of grants to local non-profit community organizations to create outreach programs and activities related to the celebration.

“Duke Energy has been a part of the local community for decades,” said Mark LaBarr, Hamilton County Government & Community Relations Manager. “We hope this support can not only encourage local organizations to celebrate the past, but also explore ways to create an even brighter future.”

The Hamilton County Bicentennial in 2023 was designated as a year-long celebration by the

Hamilton County Board of Commissioners, who along with the Hamilton County Council and Hamilton County Tourism, are also dedicating financial resources to focus on all nine of the community’s townships.

An appointed Bicentennial Commission also will publish a commemorative book, host opening and closing ceremonies, distribute “Bicentennial Celebration Kits,” and explore other opportunities for residents and visitors to acknowledge this important milestone.

Bicentennial Co-Chairs Kathy Williams and Kent Ward noted the Duke Energy sponsorship will significantly broaden the reach of the bicentennial, enabling organizations of all sizes to be involved.

Four levels of additional corporate sponsorships also are available to allow organizations of all sizes to support this 200th anniversary year. Our top-level sponsors currently include Beck’s Hybrids, the Center for the Performing Arts, the Hamilton County Reporter, Riverview Health, Spencer Farm & Winery, and Towne Post Network - Noblesville, Westfield, Carmel, and Fishers Magazines. Other sponsors include Current Publishing, QR Pursuits, and Randall and Roberts Funeral Homes. Information and deadlines can be found at



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