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Noblesville, Ind.—The Hamilton County Bicentennial Commission today announced the 11 high school sophomores and juniors who will serve as Bicentennial Ambassadors now through December 2023. These Hamilton County student ambassadors will serve as a bridge from the past to the future through conversation and public engagement.

The purpose of the Bicentennial Ambassador program is to engage high school students by using the past 200 years to inform the future. Those chosen expressed a genuine interest in history and how communities function. They also met criteria for being a student in good standing at their high school.

Quotes from several of the students follow this list of the Bicentennial Ambassadors:

Presenting the 2023 Bicentennial Ambassadors:

  • Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School — Elizabeth Parkins

  • Carmel High School — Ben Boyce

  • Carmel High School — Ridhi Dondeti

  • Carmel High School — Christopher Foote

  • Carmel High School — Jane Martens

  • Carmel High School — Sophia Stephens

  • Hamilton Heights High School — Aurelia Lanzerotti

  • Noblesville High School — Gabby Jellison

  • Noblesville High School — Isabella Lingenfelter

  • Sheridan High School — Valerie Adams

  • Westfield High School — David Young

This unique opportunity is sponsored by Hamilton County Commissioners Christine Altman, Steve Dillinger and Mark Heirbrandt and is an official program of the Hamilton County Bicentennial Commission. Curriculum support is provided by the Hamilton County Leadership Academy.

Top row: Jane Martens, Valerie Adams, Ridhi Dondeti, Gabby Jellison. Bottom row: David Young, Chris Foote, Elizabeth Parkins, Ben Boyce. (Not all winners are pictured.)


Valerie Adams, Sheridan High School

“Being named a Hamilton County Bicentennial Ambassador is a huge honor. I hope to learn more about Hamilton County as a whole. I’m super excited for this opportunity and to learn more about each of the other Ambassadors as we move forward.”

“Adams Township is a small community, but that does not stop us. I hope people enjoy the architecture of some of the buildings on Main Street. I also hope people enjoy how hospitable everyone is and how they will do everything in their power to help you feel welcome.”

Ben Boyce, Carmel High School

“To me, being a Hamilton County Bicentennial Ambassador means understanding my community more and showing others how much it means to me. I hope people enjoy the vibrant culture of Clay Township and learn about how the township has been a model for urban development.”

Ridhi Dondeti, Carmel High School

“It’s an honor to be a part of this historic celebration. As someone who loves history, I’m excited to learn more about the history of Hamilton County and how we became the amazing county we are today.”

“I’m from Clay Township, and I enjoy the various events Carmel hosts throughout the year. With the Chinese Mooncake Festival, the Farmer’s Market, Winter Games, Christkindlmarkt, and much more, there’s always something for everyone to enjoy.”

Christopher Foote, Carmel High School

“Being named a Bicentennial Ambassador is very important to me as it gives me a chance to represent my community and to be able to be a leader for Hamilton County. It is a great opportunity and honor to be able to be a Bicentennial Ambassador.”

“I hope that people are able to learn the rich history of Clay township and understand the great arts and achievements Clay township has to offer. Clay township is a great place to live and a wonderful community for all people from all walks of life.”

Gabby Jellison, Noblesville High School

“To me being named a Hamilton County Bicentennial Ambassador is all about serving my community. I believe history is such an interesting and important thing. This program is an amazing opportunity to learn more about the history of Hamilton County and be able to help out in the community. I am beyond excited to be able to represent my community.”

“I hope that people enjoy all of the events that are planned for this year. Each township has a month designated to them, and since I live in Noblesville Township, I’m especially excited for the ‘Light up the Night’ event. I really hope people learn about Noblesville Township’s rich history and this unique place we get to call home.”

Jane Martens, Carmel High School

“Being a Hamilton County Bicentennial Ambassador means dedicating yourself to education, history and community. There are many people who live in Hamilton County who might not know much about modern-day townships or the histories behind them, and this is an opportunity to learn! As high school students, there’s not much emphasis on Indiana history — much less Hamilton County history — in our courses. By being in this program, we can really explore the scope of Hamilton County outside of our townships and share those experiences with others.”

“I really hope that people enjoy learning about the arts in Carmel! There are so many activities and places here that center around visual and performing arts like performances at the Palladium, murals on the Monon, and even an entire Arts and Design District. It has a huge impact on the daily lives of residents as well as the way our township looks as a whole.”

Elizabeth Parkins, Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School

“I'm grateful to have been named an Ambassador because it means that I can represent Hamilton County and share my love of learning and history with others. I most hope that people see Carmel’s strong sense of community.”

David Young, Westfield High School

“To me, being a Hamilton County Bicentennial Ambassador means a great deal. I’ll be able to learn further about history relative to Indiana and more specifically Hamilton County. Beyond that, it’ll allow me to view different perspectives on historical topics and help me to construct a better understanding. With that being said, I am happy to be a part of this program.”

“I hope people enjoy the diversity in Westfield along with the array of opportunities that have been created in recent years. Beyond what meets the eye, Westfield has continuously become more diverse, and I hope people enjoy being able to meet new neighbors and peers of different backgrounds. Diversity allows for not only social growth, but economic growth throughout the city as well. Along with that, we have also seen exposure to many new opportunities here in Westfield — both socially and economically. I hope that teens, families and adults are able to enjoy the new opportunities, centers, parks, etc., that have been introduced to Westfield.”


Individual photos of Ambassadors are available to media upon request.

About the Hamilton County Bicentennial

The Hamilton County Bicentennial Commission was established by the Hamilton County Board of Commissioners as the official oversight agency for the upcoming 200th anniversary of the county in 2023. It will do so in partnership with the Hamilton County Historical Society and Hamilton County Tourism, Inc. Duke Energy, Hamilton County, the Hamilton East Public Library and Hamilton County Tourism are all lead sponsors of the Bicentennial activities. For more information, visit or follow HamCoTurns200 on Facebook and Instagram.



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