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NOBLESVILLE, IND.—The Hamilton County Bicentennial Commission has several items available for sale online to celebrate the county’s 200th anniversary. Alongside local partner Marketpro, Inc, the Bicentennial is selling apparel, drinkware, and other items. Some of the swag includes T-shirts, quarter-zip sweatshirts, water bottles, and coffee mugs, all featuring the Bicentennial logo.

Some items are more unique, such as the athletic-style shirt with local historic photos printed on all sides, and pennant flags that declare that the Bicentennial is “200 Years in the Making!”

Other festive items include three different types of hats, two different types of socks, and

bumper stickers that will remind people that Hamilton County is the “Home of the Great Squirrel Stampede!”

All merchandise is available online through the Bicentennial’s website at Users will be directed to a third-party site that will

showcase all the items. Every item has been ordered in limited quantities, so once they’re gone they’re gone forever!

About the Hamilton County Bicentennial

The Hamilton County Bicentennial Commission was established by the Hamilton County Board of Commissioners as the official oversight agency for the upcoming 200th anniversary of the county in 2023. It will do so in partnership with the Hamilton County Historical Society and Hamilton County Tourism, Inc. Duke Energy, Hamilton County, the Hamilton East Public Library and Hamilton County Tourism are all lead sponsors of the Bicentennial activities. For more information, visit or follow HamCoTurns200 on Facebook and Instagram.



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