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Make Your Mark on History

So you've filled out our survey (highlighted in our blog here) and signed up to be a part of one of our Scan-a-thons (highlighted in our last blog post here). What else can you do to begin getting involved in the Hamilton County Bicentennial?

To make your mark on history, you can submit stories about you and your family's experiences in Hamilton County! We are looking for people to help contribute to the book we are creating in order to help discover more of the true history of the county.

If this is the first you're hearing about a book being made by the Bicentennial, don't worry! Check out our book page here to see what we've been planning. The book will be published late in 2022, and will feature a chapter on every township in the county. It will cover all 200 years of history (and beyond) just like the Bicentennial celebration itself! We hope to fill it with pictures, stories, and narratives about the county and its history.

So, how do you submit stories to the Bicentennial to possibly be included in the book? While our book page has all the details, we'll outline the requirements here:

Word limit: 500 words

Format: Full sentences, edited and organized. Fully proofread.

Organization: Write your story in a narrative format with a beginning, middle, and end.

Here's a list of the types of stories we're looking for:

  • Tell us about Hamilton County. Where does your story take place? We want the majority of your story to be in Hamilton County if possible.

  • Tell us who was there. Was it you or your family? An ancestor? Someone whose story you know for other reasons? A group of people?

  • Tell us when it was. In your lifetime? Your grandparents? Another ancestor? Be as specific as possible.

  • Tell us what happened. Is it the story of someone’s life? Is it the story of a particular event? Be specific!

  • How does this memory affect your present-day life? How do you think choices made by your ancestors (or your younger self) will influence the future? ​

If you've read about our scan-a-thons, you'll know we are so excited to help you digitize family photos that could be featured in the book. However, if you already have digital photos or have the opportunity to digitize photos yourself, you could submit them in the same place as stories can be submitted! Below, find some helpful hints to submitting photos:

  • .jpg, .png, or .tiff photos accepted

  • A DropBox or Google Drive link is acceptable

  • If possible, have original photos scanned, rather than sending in photos taken of pictures.

  • Include photos that you know were taken in Hamilton County, if possible.

  • Try to submit photos that you know something about - you will fill in the story in your submission.

The submission portal won't be open forever, so be sure to take the opportunity to help make the Bicentennial celebration great by submitting your story or photograph! We want to reflect the community in the book we create, and we can only do that if the community helps us out. We look forward to hearing your stories.


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