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Spotlight on Fall Creek Township

During the Hamilton County Bicentennial, each of our nine townships will get special treatment for one full month. In this post, we are priming the pump for Fall Creek Township to shine extra brightly in September 2023. (Visit our FAQs to see when your township will be the star.)

If you’re a Fall Creek Township resident or have a special place in your heart for the area, we encourage you to connect to its history and get to know your Bicentennial Commission representative.

So here we go!

Township Trivia

Population: An estimated 61,239 people call Fall Creek Township home.

Boundaries: Covering an area of 35.77 square miles, Fall Creek Township is the most southeastern township in Hamilton County. Its boundaries run from Cumberland Road to the west to the Hancock/Madison county line east, just shy of downtown Fortville. Its northern edge is 146th Street, and 96th Street marks Fall Creek’s southern boundary.

Cities: Include mostly Fishers (eastern half) and part of Noblesville (southeastern and far eastern edges).

History Nuggets

Some of the highlights from history for Fall Creek Township include:

  • Fall Creek Township was formed in 1833.

  • The first frame house and frame barn in Fall Creek Township was erected by Thomas Arnett.

  • The first election in Fall Creek Township was held at a cabin on the farm of Francis Whelchel.

  • (Now it’s your turn. Contribute your favorite story of Fall Creek Township history to “Celebrating Hamilton County, Indiana.” Get details on how to submit your story.)

Suzanna Hobson, Fall Creek Township Bicentennial Commission

The Bicentennial Commission has members from each of the nine townships to help celebrate and commemorate the history of the county. The representative for Fall Creek Township is Suzanna Hobson.

Suzanna’s family relocated to Fishers in 2014, and she has been working as Outreach Coordinator and Project Manager for Fall Creek Township since 2017.

“With so many new residents moving into our community, it is exciting to be involved in the Bicentennial Commission to share the history of our community,” she says.

Fall Creek Township is joining forces with Delaware Township, since they share boundaries and the city of Fishers, to develop plans for the Bicentennial. Some of those ideas include:

  • Engaging with schools and students to create a historical visual art exhibit

  • Partnering with Conner Prairie on programing that celebrates history

  • Getting community organizations involved in programs or events celebrating history.

If this list excites you and you want to get involved, contact Suzanna at If you live outside of Fall Creek Township but you’re inspired to think about projects for your own township, please email us at or call 317-674-3150.

We know Suzanna and the other township representatives are excited to get involved in the planning process. We hope you are too!


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